You Need to Know, Now!

Acquisitions and Security
Has your company recently acquired a site with an existing SCADA or industrial control system? Who still has access to your site?

Your Middle-Aged Control System
What about that location that has had several vendors accessing it over the years? Did they leave behind any remote access tools? Did someone leave TeamViewer installed on your HMI server? TeamViewer was hacked. Has your server been hacked too?

What’s Connected?
Knowing what is connected to your network is as important as knowing who has access. Unknown devices are a hazard to a network that can be mitigated by using auditing techniques. Know what they are and why they’re there before they become a liability.

From the Outside In
Knowing what potential hackers can see when viewing your site from the internet is a large part of keeping your network secured. Industrial control systems have become a favourite target of today’s hackers. FICS penetration testing can help close these holes before the bad guys can use them to access your site and your data.

Not Just Any IT Provider
SCADA systems are different than any old office network; they have special needs that need to be considered when securing your network. Running the wrong kind of tools on an ICS network can jeopardize your system causing a site shutdown or worse. Fortified ICS understands how control systems work. We employ tools and techniques with the understanding that plants don’t just reboot themselves when something goes wrong.

Make the Call
Avoid downtime and danger to your facility and personnel by contacting us to perform an audit on the security of your existing control system networks.